Healthy Diets Are Just as Important For Cats as They Are For Humans

You know how your doctor is always recommending a healthy diet with moderate exercise? This is because your body works best within a certain weight range that depends on factors such as your age, height and gender. Just as it's important for you to try and live a healthy lifestyle, your cat should also fall within a certain weight range for optimum health. Chubby kitties may be fun to cuddle with, but you'll want to make sure Fluffy's snuggle-appeal doesn't reach a point where it may start to harm her health.

Because cats are so much smaller than us, it can be easy to not realize how much weight is too much. For humans, 2 or 3 pounds is hardly anything to worry over, but for a house cat that's the equivalent of a human adding on about 40 extra pounds! Your cat doesn't have to look like she's TV commercial-ready or a pro-athlete mouse hunter to be healthy, though. If you are concerned that your cat may be too heavy, talk to your vet and ask for recommended food serving sizes. Also, if your cat can currently eat freely all day, consider setting designated meal times with measured portions. Most importantly, don't forget that it's always important to play with your kitty every day so that she gets plenty of exercise to keep her belly in check!

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