Petting A Dog May Benefit Your Health Long Term

When it comes to having an animal by your side, it’s difficult to beat what a dog brings to the table.
They just seem to be one of those animals that are irresistible.

If you’ve ever had a dog in your family, you realize the personal benefit of petting your furry friend, but it seems as if it goes beyond our own feelings on the matter.

Dr. Patricia Pendry took the lead in a university study from Washington State University.

Photo: Pixabay

According to that study, which was three years in the making, petting a dog for only 10 minutes can reduce your stress levels.

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In order to come up with the data, 300 university students were enrolled and they gave their opinion on their feelings after petting a therapy dog for a few minutes.

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As it turns out, those who petted therapy dogs were calmer and tended to do better on their tests compared to those who did not pet a dog during the weekly petting sessions, which lasted an hour each.

Dr. Pendry explained how this research proved something that was very powerful. Many universities are trying to help students succeed, including some who may have learning issues or a history of mental problems.

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She went on to say that traditional stress management approaches weren’t as effective compared to the use of therapy dogs with this segment of the population.

So, it seems as if it is official: Dogs are awesome on more levels than we ever imagined possible.

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