Target Is Selling A Mini Haunted House Cat Scratcher For Halloween

If you have a cat in your life and you enjoy buying them gifts, you probably realize that sometimes they will play with the box a lot longer than they will play with what’s inside. It’s time for you to take advantage of that fact by a purchasing one of these haunted houses for cats from Target. It’s a Halloween themed box designed specifically for your cat, so they can actually play with the box as intended.

Target is now stocking its Hyde & EEK Boutique with all Halloween items. One of those items is a haunted house-themed cat scratcher available from the website for only $16.99. “Frightful and delightful, the Deluxe Haunted Mansion from Boots & Barkley is where your pet will be wanting to spend all her time,” the product description states. “It’s two stories of entertainment, with a spacious cove on the bottom complete with scratchpad built into the floor. The perfect perch to keep an eye on the room is up above. Even better, the entire set assembles in just a few easy steps.”

The cat scratcher is big enough for your cat to relax or to scratch to their heart’s content. The best news is, they are not going to be turning your entire living room into a scratching post. The cat scratcher is 19.4 inches long, 17.5 inches wide and under 2 feet tall. There are already pictures available on Instagram, showing that at least two cats can enjoy the scratcher at one time.

There are plenty of reviews on the target website and it is already receiving a five-star rating. The house is made of cardboard printed black and orange and seemed for Halloween. It also looks as if it will withstand a beating as well. Some are calling it “the best purchase you will ever make for your cat!” Others are saying it is easy to assemble if you read the instructions and that it was “definitely worth the price and the impulsive target [sic] run.” Other reviews just talk about the fun of watching your cat play on a haunted house.

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One person posted a number of pictures of their cat sitting on top of the cardboard house and looking through the windows. They said: “Cinnamon likes to rub against the chimneys. Nova likes to bring her toys to the bottom layer. They both love using the scratch pads and taking naps here!”

You can also check out the #targetcathouse and #targetcatscratcher on Instagram if you would like to see more pictures.

There were also other holiday-themed cat scratchers on target last year. It included the Hot Cocoa Double Decker Cat scratcher for your at-home cat Café and a Santa’s Cat Scratcher which was just in time for December. Those cat scratchers are not available at this time on the target website so we’ll just have to wait and see if they come out again in the future.

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