Courage And Compassion Shines Through In These Animal Rescue Stories From Hurricane Harvey

4. Kittens Saved Just In Time

Another good samaritan, this time in Houston, found a litter of kittens seeking dry land on the patio of a nearby apartment.

“I heard them meowing once the water rose so I went outside and saw one try to climb a tree and another stuck in a gutter,” a woman named Tatiana, who goes by the Reddit username Naruto015, told Love Meow.

The kittens are just over a month old and are staying both dry and well-fed in a room owned by Tatiana’s neighbors on the second floor of her apartment building.

3. Attic Rescue

After Adam Brackman helped save the lives of Cindi Simpson and her 90-year-old mother who lives with Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, he quickly returned to their house to rescue their three dogs and three cats.

“I’m sitting on top of an attic with her. I’m bonding with her pets to get them to trust me so I can get them down,” Brackman told ABC News.

His courage and determination has not gone unnoticed.

Brackman, the owner of Axelrad Beer Garden in Houston, had made one rescue previous to finding Simpson and her family in an attic, collecting another family and their puppy outside their flooded home in his boat.

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