Shelter Dog Helps Rescue Trapped Kittens

Harvey, a loving mutt, was surrendered to Faithful Friends Animal Society because his owners were separating and could no longer care for him. He waited patiently everyday since for someone to adopt him.

Since no one came forward in four years, Harvey decided to prove to the world that he is a good boy and hero.

Harvey was out on a walk with one of the shelter’s dog handlers when he started to bark at a storm drain. They slowly approached the drain to get a closer look and found a trapped kitten. The shelter’s cat department arrived at the scene to help save the kitten, but realized there was more than one trapped kitten.

Posted by Faithful Friends Animal Society on Thursday, January 31, 2019

The shelter posted the story on Facebook stating, “With constant check-ins, the team was finally triumphant. Two weeks after the first kitten had been found, we were able to find two more and rescue them as well!”

The rescue of these precious three kittens began when Harvey, a dog in longterm sanctuary care at Faithful Friends…

Posted by Faithful Friends Animal Society on Thursday, January 31, 2019

The three ginger kittens were named Beta, Brie, and Brewster. Harvey’s nose and hero instincts kicked in just in time, because it rained for days after all the kittens were rescued. All three were placed in loving foster homes and will be available for adoption soon.

However, Harvey is still looking for his forever home. This good boy loves to play ball and just needs someone who will give him time to adapt to his new family. The shelter has cared for the sweet boy in their Faithful Friends Sanctuary Care Program. A program that provides a place for animals who are harder to adopt due to terminal illness, medical condition, or behavior challenges.

Posted by Faithful Friends Animal Society on Thursday, January 31, 2019

“He would make a great agility dog, running or hiking partner. Harvey would also enjoy cuddling on the couch watching TV. While he has dog friends his size at the shelter, Harvey would be best as the only pet,” states the shelter. How could anyone resist his adorable smile?!

Someone please adopt Harvey. Adopt don’t shop.

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