This Tiny Homeless Tortie Kitten Wandered Into A Texas Home Days Before The Hurricane Hit — Can You Guess His Name?

Sometimes the smallest gifts make the most difference, and other times they lend a glimpse of more to come.

In the case of a tiny tortoise kitten that walked into a Texas man’s apartment just days before Hurricane Harvey touched land, both of these assertions are true.

The man, who goes by the Reddit username “other_other_barry,” isn’t sure how the cat made it to his front door, but there’s little doubt she would be lost if she hadn’t. Almost as if by precognition, the cat wandered into the man’s bedroom and stayed under his bed for hours.

Source: Reddit/other_other_barry
Source: Reddit/other_other_barry

Just days later, disaster struck.

“This little gal literally walked into my apartment two days before the hurricane hit,” the man told Love Meow. “I posted signs all over my apartment complex and haven’t gotten any word so yea, I guess I have a cat now!”

Source: Reddit/other_other_barry
Source: Reddit/other_other_barry

It’s not just other_other_barry and the young tortie staying safe and dry in the apartment, either. Harvey, as the cat has been named, has been quick to open up to her new host’s other furry friend, a dog named Rowen.

“They seem to be getting along well enough now,” the man said, admitting it took a short time for the cat and dog to warm up to each other.

Harvey has spent most of the last week watching the storm rage outdoors, punctuated by visits to a comfortable office chair.

Source: Reddit/other_other_barry
Source: Reddit/other_other_barry

If Harvey isn’t claimed in the next few weeks, other_other_barry claims, the man will have his new cat microchipped and adopt her as his own.

Stories like this cat’s are few and far between, and there is yet so much work to be done to restore those who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. To learn more about how you can help the animals affected by the storm, click the link below!

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