The Harpy Eagle Is So Big That People Think It’s A Human Dressed Up As A Bird

Is it a bird or a man dressed up like a bird? Is it a Pokemon? Is it a real-life bird?

The internet is in a heated debate after a photo of a Harpy Eagle went viral on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

From one angle, it looks like a bird, and from another angle it looks like a person dressed as a bird.

After the pictures went viral on social media, people on the Internet started searching for information about it…Now, the Harpy Eagle is trending across multiple platforms.

The harpy eagle is one of the largest birds in the world. It measures up to 1.10 meters high and 2 meters wide with its wings spread.

The harpy eagle has the strongest set of Talons, which can measure up to nine centimeters long.

The rounded shape of its head and face works like a satellite dish to detect the sounds of their prey.

Harpy Eagle is the largest and most powerful raptor found in the rainforest, and among the largest extant species of eagles in the world. It usually inhabits tropical lowland rainforests in the upper canopy layer, according to Wikipedia.

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