Adorable Dachshund Balances 17 Tea Bags On His Head

An impressive little dog named Harlso has pulled off quite the feat by balancing 17 tea bags on his head.

Dachshunds are impressive dogs in general, and Harlso is proud to call himself one of them. According to the American Kennel Club, the breed was originally created to hunt badgers but has gone on to give the world so much more.

Not only are dachshunds intelligent and witty, but they’re responsible for bringing us the Olympic’s first mascot, the phrase, “hot dog,” and the UK’s first-ever cloned dog among other things.

Photo: Pixabay/Alexandr Ivanov

With so much riding behind the breed, it might be hard to compete for the spotlight as a dachshund, but Harslo has found his niche and talent: balancing things on top of his head.

Harlso, also known as “Harlso the Balancing Hound” and “The King of Balancing,” has gained a fanbase of 175,000 people on Instagram alone. He won a Social Media Personality of the Year award, but what people really come for is his balancing talent.

The dog can stack all sorts of things on his head, including 17 tea bags! In one video shared on Instagram, little Harslo can be seen standing perfectly still while his owner stacks tea bags on his head, one at a time. The stack grows and grows until 17 tea bags are balancing atop the pup’s head – wow!

Watch the impressive video below:

It’s not just tea bags that Harlso can balance on his head. The little pup is known for balancing a wide variety of things on his head, ranging from teacups to miniature guitars and everything in between.

Check out some more of his balancing work below:

You can follow Harslo on Instagram, @harlso_the_balancing_hound.

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