This Baby Goat’s Rescue Story Made Me Laugh, Cry and Jump For Joy!

Baby goats are so precious. Can you imagine driving down a busy street and seeing one all alone wandering around? Well, that’s what happened to this little sweetie named Harley. She either escaped or was dumped, we aren’t sure, but we are sure about one thing: she is now living the good life!

When this video reached :43, I gasped and then began to cry… and I don’t cry much. Remember, I see videos all day long! This story just got to me (especially at this point in the video, you will see why!). And now Harley will have a tiny piece of my heart forever.

Here are some cool facts about goats:

1. Goats are social animals. They love to be together and play with one another. However, even though they are related to their sheep cousins, they do not travel in flocks.

2. Baby goats and their mamas communicate by “bleating.” They can recognize each other’s sounds and tones immediately.

3. Goats are extremely coordinated, even from birth. That is why newborn goats jump around so much. They are learning how to use those soon-to-be stable legs.

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