Watch How Firefighters Rush To The Aid Of A Struggling Black Lab Who’s Fallen Through The Ice

Whether it’s a human or their pet, rescuers need to act fast when alerted to someone falling through thin ice. Seconds count, and once the body passes into a state of hypothermia, a painful death is almost guaranteed.

After Hardy, a 9-year-old black lab, fell through the ice on a frozen river in Ashington, England, the local fire department was thankfully alerted in time to save the animal from drowning or freezing to death.

It took less than an hour after Hardy fell through the ice for rescuers to arrive on the scene and pull him to safety.

Source: Twitter/@ABC
Source: Twitter/@ABC

Had they not acted so fast, Hardy could have succumbed to the cold and died after his internal organs began shutting down. It’s important in the cold weather, even when an animal has not fallen through the ice, to monitor for signs of lethargy or frostbite on sensitive skin, like the tips of the ears or scrotum, PetMD reports. These symptoms go hand in hand with the onset of hypothermia and indicate an animal has already spent too much time out in the cold.

Source: Twitter/@ABC
Source: Twitter/@ABC

If you are concerned your pet is showing signs of hypothermia, such as paleness and shivering, along with lethargic movement, dry the animal off and wrap it with warm blankets as soon as you can. Give your pet warm liquids to drink, monitor their internal temperature with an oral thermometer, and call a veterinarian for further instructions.

After Hardy was rescued, he was whisked to a vet to be checked out. Fortunately, he was dried off and warmed up in time to avoid any long-term injury.

Source: Twitter/@ABC
Source: Twitter/@ABC

Watch Hardy’s thrilling (and chilling) rescue below!

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