Harbor The Raccoon Teaches Others That Wild Animals Are Meant To Stay Wild

This sweet raccoon, named Harbor, lived a life no raccoon should ever have to. Locked in a cage and neglected. Wild animals, like Harbor, are meant to live in the wild. Not caged up and mistreated. Sadly, Harbor is now blind. He endured trauma he never should have.

Thankfully, rescuers got to Harbor and he now lives a happy life. But it has to make you stop and think: Why was he even in the situation in the first place?

Wild animals are meant to live in the wild. It is there that they thrive. They aren’t meant to live with us, in houses or in cages. Even if you come across a wild orphan in distress, there is help out there. NO wild animal should be raised where they don’t belong. It is cruel and selfish.

Please share Harbor’s story and this video so more people know about the consequences of trying to domesticate a wild animal.

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