Hanging Bats Filmed Upside-Down Looks Like A Gothic Nightclub

Bats have often been the subject of disdain, especially now that they may be somewhat responsible for the COVID-19 issue. It seems as if they may finally be catching a break, thanks to a viral video on Reddit. It shows them upside down, and they look like they are ready for a party.

The video was taken by Das Kraftfuttermischwerk of some bats gyrating to music on a lighted floor. The sway of the bats appears to mimic the dance moves you might see at a goth club.

Of course, it isn’t all cutesy, especially when you look closer and see one foaming at the mouth and another appears to be flexing for the camera. There are even some buckets hanging upside down that look like club lamps, adding to the effect.

Photo: YouTube / Mian Ramay

The Russian Goth group Molchat Doma provides the background music, and it’s just one of those things you have to see.

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