They Saved Her After She Fell From Nest. When It Was Time To Return To Wild, She Refused To Leave

Hammy the squirrel was just a tiny baby when she fell from her nest in August of 2016. She landed in a parking lot and was all alone, but thankfully someone found her before she became another animal’s dinner.

The couple that found her took her in and helped raise her. They bottle-fed her and kept an eye on her round the clock so that she could grow big and strong. Once she was healthy and old enough, they tried releasing her back into the wild. But the little squirrel did not want to leave.

She decided she would rather live at their house with her new humans instead. So that’s exactly what she did! Today, she’s a very happy and healthy squirrel and enjoys her new life. She receives all the love in the world, and is so spoiled! She gets to run around, play, and even gets delicious snacks.

You can follow Hammy’s adventures on her Instagram account.

Watch her bounce around in her new life in the video below:

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