The Internet Is Falling In Love With Hammerhead Bats That Look Like Tiny Moose

If you have never heard of the hammerhead bat, you aren’t alone. Most people have never heard of them but it seems as if they are now making the rounds online and people are going crazy over how cute they are.

When you think about an average bat, you probably don’t have the most adorable picture in your mind. Most bats tend to be described as “flying rats” with pointy ears and tiny heads.

Perhaps that is why people were so surprised when they get their first glimpse at hammerhead bats. You might even think that they look more like a moose than a bat!

Even though they are being seen more and more frequently on social media, most people have yet to see their first picture of this adorable creature. Thanks to Daniel Arenson, an author who shared pictures on Facebook, they have gone viral.

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Arenson did admit that not everyone would think they were cuddly, so he said: “This is a Hammerhead Bat. Do you think he’s cute? Or ugly?”

I’m sure that all of us know by now that photographs can show the good side or the bad side, depending upon how they are taken. The same is also true of hammerhead bats, and some of the pictures are downright adorable.

Some people admitted that they wouldn’t go so far as to call them adorable, but they still felt attracted to the unusual flying creatures.

Then again, some people thought they were ugly!

There were even some people who doubted the truthfulness of the images but a quick Internet search shows you that they do exist.

Bat Conservation International says that the Hypsignathus monstrosus (hammer-headed fruit bat) is found in equatorial Africa, typically in lowland tropical moist forests, swamps, and mangroves.

They are the largest bat found in Africa, with a 38-inch wingspan.

Perhaps we could agree that the hammerhead bat is adorable, but it helps if you live thousands of miles away from them.

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