Camera Captures Dog’s Hilarious Actions When He Thinks No One Is Watching

Have you ever wondered what your pup gets into when no one is looking?

For one dog owner named Mary, she was curious what her energetic pup, Hamilton, would do when given a chance to be alone with the pool in the backyard. So, she gave him just that.

We suspect dogs don’t always act the same when their humans are around, and thanks to security cameras like Ring, we can finally prove that.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

So, on a sunny morning, Mary had her Ring camera all set up pointing towards the backyard. She let Hamilton outside and left him there to his own devices.

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As captured on the security footage, Hamilton couldn’t believe had the pool all to himself!

He gleefully leaped around the pool before taking a giant leap right into the middle of the water. After paddling around for a few moments, he climbs out of the pool and leaps around the deck a little more.

Photo: YouTube/Ring
Photo: YouTube/Ring

Finally, he jumps back into the middle of the pool one more time. It’s clear he’s having an amazing time and enjoying his swim to the fullest.

Mary shared with Ring, “[Hamilton has] always loved water. We wanted to see what he would do if he had the pool to himself. I’m so grateful for this memory. Ring [showed] his funny personality. I laugh every time I watch it.”

Watch the video below:

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