“Halo” Device Gives Blind Dogs New Clarity

According to the Daily Mail, a 4-year-old Corgi, Basil, was found abandoned in Leeds, England, sometime around January, 2014. He was left to his own devices and blind in both eyes. Rescued by Helena Webster, a 25-year-old prison officer and her two parents, Basil was unable to walk more than a few feet without running into something and bruising his head and face. Helena and her parents, who run West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, a 5-acre farm that currently holds six canines, immediately began investigating solutions to Basil's blindness. Ultimately, they came across a device called "Muffin's Halo."

The halo was first designed by Silvie Bordeaux when her dog, Muffin, became blind later in life. Muffin had a difficult time moving around, and Bordeaux was inspired to invent an aid for the dog. The device features a rounded steel bar projecting outward over the dog's head from a cushioned base that sits below the neck. The bar prevents dogs from running into anything by letting them know to adjust their course. Effectively, this allows the halo to provide some normalcy for aging dogs. Bordeaux, a publicist based in Los Angeles, has created a business out of the halo, which can be ordered and styled to resemble either a butterfly, angels' wings or a quarterback's shoulder pads.

The founder of West Yorkshire dog rescue, Kathy Trout, says the product has the potential to completely change care for blind dogs.

"We've never seen anything like it. It's revolutionary," Trout told the Daily Mail.

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