Halloween Hazards Your Pet Should Avoid

Halloween has plenty of reasons to keep you smiling. With pets and people in costumes, candy and spooky decor everywhere, it's hard to not have fun! Just make sure to pay attention to these holiday hazards so your pet doesn't end up at the vet.

Yes, chocolate is bad for dogs. The darker the chocolate the more dangerous it is. Just one ounce of baker's chocolate can make a 50-pound dog sick. It would take half a pound of milk chocolate to make the same dog feel under the weather. Even the wrappers from candy will make your animals ill. They're really difficult to digest and can get stuck in your dog's body, causing a whole lot of problems. Keep the candy out of your animal's reach. This may mean leaving it inside the cupboard, as cats can reach it even when it is on top of the fridge.

Glow sticks and candles
These fun holiday lighting options are not always so enjoyable for your pets. Ingesting glow sticks or glow jewelry can cause your cat or dog to drool profusely, foam at the mouth and vomit. Keep candles and any kind of open flame under a close watch when there are pets around. They could burn themselves or accidentally knock over the flame, causing a fire.

While it's terribly cute to see your cat dressed as a bee or your dog like a sailor, your pet might not be a big fan of dress up. Check that their costume doesn't impair their movement, sight or breathing. Supervise your animal at all times so they don't eat a part of the costume. Zippers and snaps can be made with zinc and lead, which cause serious poisoning. 

Call your vet and poison control immediately if you suspect your animal has eaten something dangerous. Keep an eye on your pets during the festivities and you're sure to have a fun, animal-friendly holiday!

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