Blind Dachshund, Who Loved To Paint, Leaves Behind A Precious Legacy

In Honor Of Hallie!

Art is subjective, they say. I wonder if “they” would think a blind Dachshund’s art is even on the same playing field… In my opinion, this dog’s art is so incredible, it’s a home run! Imagine waking up one day and for no apparent reason, your sight is gone. Can you imagine how scary that would be? Yea! I can’t even fathom it. But as scary as it is, life still manages to go on.

And what better way to embrace life than to paint about it? Hallie knew that life is best lived when doing what you enjoy most. Hallie was scared, sure, but with her human at her side and her paint brush securely in her mouth, she could accept what she had to and continue to be the bright light that she was.

Hallie’s works are from her loving puppy heart and proceeds from sales went to charity. Something that pawsome deserves recognition. And a tribute. After living 14 precious puppy years, Hallie has passed away BUT her memory lives on forever!

To learn more about her legacy, check out her site.

And watch the video below 🙂

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