This ‘Half Tree’ Will Keep Your Cats From Destroying Your Christmas Tree

When the Christmas tree has been set up and decorated, you may have a little concern if your cat just happens to be watching.

Most families with cats realize that they love to attack the Christmas tree, especially after it has already been decorated. It may only take a few moments but they will turn the tree into a shrub and broken ornaments will litter the floor. They may even climb up into the heart of the tree to remove some of the more delicate ornaments and make a home where they can hideout.


If this sounds familiar, you will appreciate what the UK company, Argos has to offer. They created the ‘6ft Half Parasol Christmas Tree‘. It is a half tree that is perfect for families with felines because all of the bottom branches are missing.

“Keep your perfectly placed baubles, bows and bells out of reach of curious, crawling kids or your cats’ playful paws with this 6ft parasol tree,” reads the product description for this unusual creation.


With half of the branches out of the way, there is also more room for presents under the tree.

If you are tired of watching your cat destroy the Christmas tree every year, you can get the half tree option for only $42.53. It may just be the solution you have been looking for.

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