Man Creates Massive Lego Train And Life-Size Snow Globe For His Cats

Half-Asleep Chris is a stop-motion storyteller, vlogger, and cat owner. Many of his videos revolve around his two beloved felines: Ralph and Bella.

Based in the United Kingdom, Chris creates YouTube videos of fantastic LEGO cities, travel adventures, and just about everything related to his furry friends. In fact, even his videos that center around non-cat-related topics end up featuring his two mischievous kitties.

It’d be hard not to include them since they’re so adorable and enthusiastic about Chris’s shenanigans – and he always finds ways to include them.

Photo: flickr/Tom Thai

In a recent video, Chris created an incredible massive LEGO train set, that wound its way throughout the house and into a life-size snow globe. Everything was custom-made by Chris, except for the LEGOs.

Chris attached a camera to the front of the train to capture the track from a personal level, and the video does not disappoint. The attention to detail Chris put into the track and snow globe is unreal! He even breaks down how he made it all in the video below.

Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris
Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris
Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris

Of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Ralph and Bella.

Apparently, one of the trains was holding cat-nip gingerbread stuffies, which were gifted to the felines at the end of the track.

Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris

While Bella wasn’t very enthusiastic about her new toy, the two cats did seem to have a good time walking around the track and exploring.

Watch the video below:

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