Big Dog Steps On Little Dog’s Tail During A Photoshoot

Haley is the owner of several dogs, six of which she regularly features on her social media accounts.

Thankfully, she’s also a dog trainer so she knows how to handle so many dogs and make sure they each get what they need.

Since Haley has quite a following on social media, she regularly does photoshoots with her pets.

Many of them turn out adorable, but one took an unexpected turn and resulted in hilarious pictures.

While mid-photoshoot with her dogs, Haley captured the hilarious moment one of her big dogs stepped on her little’s dog tail.

The little dog was a chihuahua named Kirby, and the bigger dog was a mutt, Dunkin. Anyone whose been around chihuahuas before knows just how moody they can be and also how long they can hold a grudge for!

Photo: Max Pixel

If you leave for town or feed them the wrong brand food, they may just pee on your bed for months to spite you. Or, in Kirby’s case, he opted to give a look that could kill when he was wrongly stepped on.

Meanwhile, Dunkin had no idea he’d done anything and appeared to be smiling goofily for the camera.

Photo: TikTok/@haleyanddunkin
Photo: TikTok/@haleyanddunkin

While they didn’t get the photos they were expecting to capture when they started the photoshoot, I think it’s safe to assume they will be treasured either way.

Watch the TikTok below:


dunkins face ☠️ #greenscreen #foryoupage #ConjuringHorror #foryou

♬ Dedicated to the One I Love – The Mamas & The Papas

You can follow Haley and her dogs on Instagram and TikTok, @haleyanddunkin.

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