What Do You Give A Hairless Rescue Cat As A Gift? A PUPPY! (And Maybe A Sweater)

Botox (yes, his name alone is enough to make you faint!) was rescued from spending his life in a cage. He is happy and healthy now with his new humans. The best part though is his new best friend. A PUPPY! Can you believe it? These two are inseparable! I could watch them play all day. Don’t rescue animals make your heart soar?

Some fun facts about hairless cats: Most derive from the breed, the Sphynx and they aren’t actually hairless. They have a thin layer of downy fuzz. Another interesting fact is most hairless cats need to be bathed at least once a week. Can you guess why? Cats’ skin produces an oil. When a cat has fur, the oil gets trapped inside so normal self grooming is usually sufficient. However, a hairless cat doesn’t have fur so the oil just kinda sits there. They are oily to the touch unless they are bathed. But my favorite fun fact is this: Hairless cats that derive from the Sphynx are usually very friendly. They are considered one of the most sociable cat breeds. Nifty 😺

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