Senior Shelter Dog With Kidney Disease Finds The Perfect Person To Share Life With

When a senior dog named Hailey arrived at the ASPCA, she had a plethora of medical conditions and required treatments and surgeries in order to recover.

What she also needed was a loving foster who would provide her with top notch care during her recovery to help her heal.

Photo: YouTube/ASPCA

Thankfully, she found that person and so much more in Barrie.

When Barrie first saw the foster bulletin, she read that they were looking for a “long-term foster” for Hailey while she healed from two lumpectomies and treatment for kidney disease.

Photo: YouTube/ASPCA

Barrie didn’t have experience in fostering dogs, but he she was willing to give it a try.

She and Hailey bonded instantly, and while Hailey was at the hospital for another surgery, Barrie felt so lonely going home to an empty house. This was not a feeling that she wanted to have again, so she knew immediately that she wanted to give Hailey a permanent home so they could always be together.

Photo: YouTube/ASPCA

When Barrie first met Hailey in July 2021, Hailey had a lot of trust issues, was really hesitant, and had a lot of anxious attachment.

Today, Hailey is like a completely different dog. She is very trusting now and her energy is climbing each and every day.

Photo: YouTube/ASPCA

“They always say that old dogs don’t learn new tricks, well, Hailey is learning new things every day,” Barrie said. “I feel like she has a new lease on life because she really went through a loss of stability, and now she’s in a place where she is healthy and she’s not as scared.”

Barrie hopes their story will encourage others to consider adopting older dogs.

Hear their heartwarming story in the video below:

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