Community Nurses Bear Cub Back To Health After He Was Found Malnourished & Alone

A tiny bear cub was found tired, malnourished and depressed after losing his mother somewhere in the wild in Van, Turkey.

Thankfully, members of the community spotted the cub and immediately alerted authorities.

The baby bear, who is now named Hacuvan, was transferred to Yuzuncu Yil University Wildlife Protection and Rehabilitation Center for care and treatment.

When he arrived, he was so weak from not getting any food or care from a mother.

Workers at the center searched for days for his mother so they could send the baby bear back into the wild with her, but she was nowhere to be found.

The center had no choice but to keep the bear and nurse him back to health themselves, as if he were a newborn human.

They bottle-fed him and helped him gain weight, and he quickly improved. At one point, he even began holding his own bottle.

During his time at the center, he made lots of new friends and showed his outgoing personality. He would play games with his caregivers and was overall always very happy.

Now that Hacuvan is healthy, he will be sent to Turkey’s Western Province of Bursa, so that he can grow up in a natural environment with his own kind.

If it weren’t for the Good Samaritans who found him and got him the help he needed, he wouldn’t have survived much longer by himself in the wild.

Watch adorable little Hacuvan in the video below:

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