Mouse Lives His Best Life After Being Found As A Baby In A Garden

We all do different things to show our pets that we care about them. For one US-based woman, she chose to show her little pet mouse how much she cares by building him a beautiful little mouse-sized mansion complete with gourmet-looking foods.

The lucky little mouse was Gustav, a tiny baby mouse that was found abandoned in a garden at just two days old.

Eliza discovered the little mouse, along with his sibling, Scarlett, in her garden – all alone. They were too small to be able to survive on their own and so Eliza knew she had to take them in.

Photo: flickr/Eddy Van 3000

She brought them inside and then set about doing her homework on how to care for newborn baby mice. Eliza had to get creative about how to feed them, and ended up cutting down a paintbrush in order to dip the end in a special powdered formula that she’d then give to them.

At first, it took them some adjusting, but eventually, Gustav and Scarlett knew to lick the formula off the end of the brush. Eliza lovingly spent her days feeding them every two hours around the clock.

She also made a habit of regularly weighing them to make sure that they were getting enough nourishment in order to grow. The two little mice were constantly surrounded by hot water bottles so that they wouldn’t get cold as their bodies were still too fragile to regulate their temperatures on their own.

Despite Eliza’s best efforts, both little mice got sick. Unfortunately, Scarlett didn’t make it. It was a sad blow, but it also steeled Eliza’s resolve to make sure Gustav survived.

She made sure that the little mouse made it, and he did! Eventually, Gustav began to grow in size and he started to get stronger on his own.

Eliza was then able to get him to a good place where she could build him his very own home. She made him the most beautiful little mouse home ever. It was complete with all sorts of items such as wood shavings, plants, and soil so that he could burrow and build himself a little nest.

But that wasn’t the only way that she spoiled little Gustav. He also ate like a king!

Eliza went above and beyond to provide him with the freshest, most delicious-looking dishes such as little smoothie bowls and tiny cupcakes. Talk about yum! And the best part was they were all made with mouse-friendly ingredients.

Little Gustav lived the high life until he passed away from a respiratory disease. Sadly, Eliza shared via Instagram that despite all the trips to the vet, Gustav ultimately had to be put to sleep. But the nice thing was that Gustav was able to enjoy a beautiful life being cared for by someone who loved him.

Rest in peace Gustav.

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