After Finding This In Her Mailbox, A Woman Called The Sheriff’s Department To Save Her Life

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office in Kansas got the oddest phone call. A woman who went out to check the mail found something quite interesting inside her mailbox…

A guinea pig was left inside, with no note, no food or water, and no apparent explanation. The woman had no idea who the guinea pig belonged to or why she had been put inside her mailbox in the first place.

The officers came to collect the cute furry package and took her to be checked out. The veterinarian said the guinea pig was a young adult and apparently healthy. Just a bit startled from the whole ordeal.

The Emporia Animal Shelter took in the adorable creature and named her Rosita. With further investigation, it was determined that the guinea pig had been left in the mailbox on purpose and animal abuse charges are being filed. Rosita will remain in the shelter until she is cleared then will be available for adoption. I’m sure Rosita will find the perfect loving home where she will never be abandoned again.

Thank goodness Rosita’s hero found her when she did!

Source: The Dodo

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