A Boar Is About To Attack A Couple… Wait Til You See What Happens Next!

A French couple is enjoying the scenery when suddenly, out of nowhere, a wild boar comes straight for them!

The intensity of this showdown is almost enough to melt the countryside snow.

As the boar charges toward the couple, likely dazed and angered by an earlier run-in with a wire fence, the last we hear is the woman’s scream. And then…

I’ve heard of guard dogs, sure, but guard ponies?

These miniature horses are so brave! They didn’t even hesitate to “hoof it” into action.

Galloping to the couple’s aid, the diminutive do-gooders are able to escort the beastly boar over to the other side of the pasture.

This type of animal rescue is a rare sort, indeed. Two miniature horses saved the day, and a couple can once again return snapping bucolic selfies.

Perhaps these miniature horses have a future in French law enforcement.

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