Deaf Puppy Hit By A Car With Grim Outlook

Meet our spokes-dog for this year’s Giving Tuesday. Darla is a bubbly bulldog mix that had a rough start to life.

A stray and deaf 3-month-old puppy was attempting to survive on the streets of Arizona when she was hit by a car and needed immediate help. The poor dog was in excruciating pain, but you would never know it. Life had not been kind to this sweet puppy, but she refused to let life get her down. Her journey was just beginning.

Darla was brought to a local shelter were she underwent surgery to help repair the damage to her hind leg. Unfortunately, the surgery did not work, and on top of that she got an infection. Save-A-Bull Rescue, animal rescue based in Tucson, AZ, was contacted by the shelter asking if they could rescue Darla.

Save-A-Bull Rescue was established to save the dogs that others have given up on and are minutes away from death. Pit bulls make up a majority of the dogs in shelters and many face euthanasia because of their breed. One woman noticed this and started a rescue that focuses on saving these misunderstood dogs. Emily D’Amore is the founder and director of the rescue.

Darla was suffering from a severe infection and needed to be taken to the vet right away. Even with all the pain and stress, Darla was a happy and friendly dog. Aside from her adorable face, her bubbly and sweet demeanor made everyone fall in love with her. The vet commented on how well behaved she was at just 7-months-old.

“A real trooper.”

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The vet had no choice but to remove the injured hind leg. Darla quickly recovered and was ready to play just days later. Shortly after recovering from surgery, she was cleared for adoption. It did not take long for volunteer, Brandi Dilday and her husband, to adopt sweet Darla. It was love at first sight.

The family had fostered a deaf dog previously, and once they met Darla they knew she was the perfect dog for them. Darla is thriving in her new home and learning sign language from her new parents. Most people do not even realize that Darla is deaf or missing a hind leg – she surely doesn’t.

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Save-A-Bull Rescue introduced Darla to swimming for a low impact exercise as part of her rehabilitation. Little did they know that she would turn into a fish. Emily recalls her first day of puppy swim class, “The day that she got onto that pool deck, she ended up barreling through six other dogs, and catapulting herself into the water.” Darla was kindly asked to leave her puppy class. Ever since she has to be manually removed from the pool because she does not want to leave on her own.

Thankfully, her forever home has a pool so she can swim whenever she likes – with a life vest and supervision of course. Darla found the perfect forever home and we wish her all the happiness in the world.

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Darla is a special needs dog that was given a second chance because of people like you. Save-A-Bull Rescue thanks’s Rescue Bank program for their generous donation of food. They are able to use the money saved on food to pay for medical costs for special need dogs. This allows the rescue to take in special cases, like Darla, and save their lives.

Darla and many others like her, want to thank you for your support. Giving Tuesday is just around the corner and you can help by donating! We’re excited to be a part of this worldwide event, providing you with a chance to have an impact on animals in a huge way.

With your help, last year you made it possible for over 6.7 million animals in shelters and rescues to be fed. This year, will you help break that record?

Learn more about the resilient Darla in the video below.

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