Overweight Cat Waited Patiently For Forever Home

An overweight and matted feline was found with a kitten on her side and brought to Antrum County Pet and Animal Watch (AC PAW). The kitten was quickly adopted, but the mother cat was continuously overlooked because of her appearance.

Clover, as she was later named, was overweight and had long, matted gray fur. She was unable to groom herself, due to her size, so she appeared very unkempt. The staff decided to give her a ‘Lion cut’, which meant shaving her body but leaving the fur on her head.

As soon as all the matted fur was removed, she seemed more confident and much cooler. Her real personality started to show and it was obvious that she wanted to be the queen of the household. Many cats dream of taking over the world, but Clover was determined to rule the home.

A couple visited the shelter and instantly fell in love with Clover’s personality. Just to make sure that it was the perfect fit, they fostered to adopt the feline. Well it didn’t take long before Clover won over their hearts. After losing weight, her health improved and she was ready to rule the world. She is now queen of the house and rules over a Himalayan kitten.

She loves playing mother to the kitten and shares her beloved heating pad with the tiny feline. Clover was on great behavior, so she got to visit Santa and tell him all the things she wanted.

Photo: AC PAW

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