Grumpy Cat Supervises Watermelon Farm In Thailand

Cats in general are adorable and entertaining, but there is something about grumpy cats that people find irresistible.

A male cat named Pearl is the newest grumpy cat taking over the internet.

Pearl, an adorable yet angry-looking feline, lives in Thailand and is the supervisor of a watermelon farm. He takes his job seriously and stands (more like rests comfortably in a chair) guard over the fruit.

Photos: Facebook/นายไข่มุก ครับ

Hard at work

A small plastic chair is Pearl’s throne from which he protects the watermelon and oversees his humans. He watches to make sure that all the fruit is properly weighed and then placed in the back of the truck. Being in charge can be exhausting so Pearl takes a cat nap or two during the workday, but his coworkers don’t seem to mind.

Photos: Facebook/นายไข่มุก ครับ

For the past six years, Pearl has stood guard over the delicious fruit and makes sure no one lays a hand on it until they have paid.

Photos: Facebook/นายไข่มุก ครับ

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When it comes to selling the watermelon, Pearl draws the customers in with his good looks but uses his piercing stare to ward off any thieves.

Photo: Facebook/นายไข่มุก ครับ

After a long day at work the feline naps in front of not one but three fans. When he is not keeping humans in check or protecting fruit, he enjoys going on adventures with his mom.

Photos: Facebook/นายไข่มุก ครับ

Enjoying the great outdoors

Pearl loves exploring and even enjoys canoe rides. However, his favorite place is his plastic throne that he lounges in at home and at work.

Photos: Facebook/นายไข่มุก ครับ

Don’t let his grumpy face fool you, his mom says he is actually a very sweet and affectionate boy. Cats make our lives whole. Just imagine how boring life would be without them. Adopt don’t shop!

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