Group Helps Keep Dogs Off Chains

An organization in North Carolina is working to improve the welfare of dogs. The nonprofit Coalition to Unchain Dogs builds fences for people who can't afford to construct their own. The goal is to reduce the number of dogs who spend the bulk of their day tied to a chain and unable to run around.

Amanda Arrington started the group in 2006.

"We rarely see true abuse, and that can happen with or without chaining involved," Arrington explained to the Dogster. "What we most commonly see is people doing the best they can with what they have and what they know."

In addition to building free fences, the group also lobbies for legislation that bans or restricts tethering dogs for prolonged periods. The coalition offers to spay or neuter each dog they provide a fence for. With branches in North Carolina and Austin, the group is working with other interested parties to expand in other cities across the nation.

In 2011, the coalition freed the 1,000th dog from its chain, which was possible with the help of their more than 100 volunteers. Currently they are seeking monetary donations, but building supplies are also needed. The organization is looking for dog houses, wood posts, chain-link fencing and other materials.

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