Pizza-Loving Groundhog Caught Casually Eating A Slice Outside Family’s Porch

We’ve seen so many interesting things in the last four months, since the start of 2020 – mainly a global pandemic.

But for one Philadelphia family, something interesting happened when a groundhog showed up on their porch munching on some pizza.

The adorable footage was caught on camera and featured the cute critter noshing on a random slice of pizza. The little groundhog proves that he’s as cool as a cucumber, even when he’s being stared down by the family’s two large dogs – who are pretty perplexed by the sight as well. Regardless, the groundhog seems unbothered.

He’s just living his best life eating pizza.

Kristin Chalela Bagnell was at home in the Brewerytown area of Philadelphia when she managed to capture the moment on camera. As she shared with the Philly Voice, the groundhog ate his pizza slice on the porch for about an hour, but occasionally he’d get “spooked” and would go hide under the steps.

Regarding the large slice of pizza that he had, she commented, “That is, I think, the funniest part of the story. No, it’s not our pizza. With Philly being Philly, we have been noticing every once in a while random, half-eaten foods thrown in our back yard. We’re not sure if it’s our neighbor who we’re in the middle of a parking war with or we’re just stuck with bad luck.”

Bagnell added that the groundhog is actually a frequent visitor to the neighborhood, and has been previously observed on the hunt for food.

Nevertheless, Bagnell was indeed grateful for the moment of comedic relief that the groundhog provided – as are all those online who’ve viewed the hilarious clip.

As she said to the Philly Voice, “This made my quarantine absolutely incredible. I was pissed when I saw the pizza because it was clear someone was messing with us, but now the joke is on them because it made hundreds of people crack up. It also took all the energy out of my dogs. They have been snoring ever since […] If this is the product of a friendly parking dispute, we thank you for giving us and hundreds of others the entertainment we need.”

It would seem that this little groundhog is actually an unsung quarantine hero, as he’s delighted many people online who enjoyed his zero-hecks approach to life as he demolishes his pizza slice – he’s undoubtedly what many of us are aspiring to be while in quarantine.

If you haven’t already seen the wonderful footage, check it out below:

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