Dog Looks Completely Different After Getting A Terrible Haircut

We all want what’s best for our dogs. We provide them with a nice place to sleep, the best food we can, and a scratch behind the ears.

Something else that we do for our dogs is to take them to the groomer. Admittedly, it is more for the owner than for the dog, but it’s something that we often do regularly.

Sometimes, we are happy when you leave the groomer and at other times, we are less than thrilled. For one TikTok user named @itsnattybabyyy, however, a trip to the groomer turned out to be a nightmare.

Photo: TikTok/itsnattybabyyy

She shared a before photo of her adorable pup, with hair hanging into his face. He’s cute but it’s clear he could use a trim.

She then shared a photo of what she wanted her dog’s haircut to look like. It’s a simple trim that maintains most of the fur’s length while clearing the hair around the eyes and such.

Photo: TikTok/itsnattybabyyy

Unfortunately to @itsnattybabyyy’s horror, she didn’t quite get what she asked for.

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She shared the before and after footage of her dog and it is so extreme that almost 8 million people have liked it in the short time that it has been online.

Photo: TikTok/itsnattybabyyy

I have to admit, it’s not exactly the job that I would want to be done if I took my dog to the groomer. Watch the video below:

Of course, many people noted that groomers usually do full shaves and “hack jobs” on dogs that aren’t brushed properly. When they get matted, they have no other choice but to shave the fur, for the dog’s comfort.

Life is short, and there are going to be some bumps along the way. I can understand why the woman is upset about her dog’s haircut, but let’s face it, the hair will grow back and she’ll be at another groomer before she knows it.

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