Groomer Sparks Backlash For Dying Her Dog’s Fur Multiple Colors

When Nicole Rose dyed her dog’s hair, she never imagined that it would lead to an internet stir.

The 35-year-old from Ontario, Canada had adopted Stella when she was 11 months old. The little pup was quite shy, so Rose soon started coloring her dog’s hair an array of different colors in order to boost her spirit.

As she explained to ITV’s This Morning, “I think because she gets a lot of attention when she’s colored. The fact she’s so shy, it brings her out of her shell.”

Photo: Pixabay

Rose went on to tell the show that whenever Stella is wearing her natural color and clients come over, they hardly recognize the dog. She does think that it’s the attention she gets that makes Stella rather fond of her multicolored coat.

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In fact, Rose admitted that the little pup was no stranger to having her hair dyed, as she’d often get her hair colored prior to adoption. She said that there was one time that Rose had shaved Stella’s colored fur off and the little pooch seemed “really, really sad.” She noted that once she dyed Stella’s hair again, the pup perked up.

Photo: Facebook / This Morning

Describing Stella, Rose noted, “Anyone who knows Stella knows how much she loves her hair color.”

While the interview seemed harmless enough, there were plenty of people watching who were not thrilled by Rose’s actions. There was a firestorm of comments from people who’d seen the segment and did not agree with Rose coloring her dog’s fur.

One comment even suggested, “Try learning about dog behavior and body language. This is nothing but abuse and utterly cruel.” Someone else called Rose “deluded” if she thought that the hair dye actually makes Stella happy, and was convinced that anyone who had their dogs’ best interest at heart wouldn’t actually follow through with dyeing their fur coat.

Photo: Twitter / thismorning
Photo: Twitter / thismorning
Photo: Twitter / thismorning
Photo: Twitter / thismorning

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