Sending Your Beloved Companions Across The Rainbow Bridge Is Hard, But Beautiful.

Loss and grief are tragic, inescapable, and universal experiences. We all fear losing our loved ones, and that doesn’t just mean the human ones. Saying goodbye to your furry children can be unbelievably painful, and it is compounded when you have to make the choice of when they go. Knowing they will someday cross the Rainbow Bridge is vastly different from watching them walk across it.

While how it effects us is gut-wrenching, the way we send them off is far more important. The chance to say farewell in a special way can help both of you be brave, and helps ease the grief over time. No one wants to lose someone, but sometimes it can lead to something beautiful. These are a few cases of sendoffs that will break your heart and raise your spirit at the same time.

Photographer Zhenia Bulawka was the mother of three dogs; the oldest was 11 year old Pit Bull Dyuki. Mr. Dukes as he’s affectionately called was in the late stages of Grade III mast cell cancer, and was fighting to survive. Before they walked him across the Rainbow Bridge, Bulawka and her boyfriend took their dogs to the beach, a special trip that helped Duke enjoy the last days of his life.

via Zhenia Bulawka/
via Zhenia Bulawka/

Their trip celebrated Duke’s life. He swam in the ocean with them, picnicked in the sand, and enjoyed a pet friendly hotel they found.

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via Zhenia Bulawka/

Bulawka’s tribute to her pup was the perfect way to walk Duke over the Bridge. They didn’t mourn him, they celebrated him. There are few things as beautiful as that.

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