Heartbroken Cat Carries Doll Everywhere After Her Kitten Dies

Pets always know how to comfort their humans in times of need. One thoughtful cat owner found a way to return the favor, and the heartwarming video is going viral.

Tik Tok user isabel.gracez recently posted a moving video of her grieving cat being comforted by a doll after her real kitten died. “My cat had a baby, the baby ended up passing away,” Isabel captioned the video on TikTok, where it’s been viewed more than 13 million times.

Photo: TikTok/isabel.gracez

“She would stay up all night crying and looking for her baby so I decided to make a pretend baby for her,” the young woman explained in the captions, according to Newsweek.

The mama cat’s obvious grief left her owner desperate to comfort her pet. So Isabel created a kitten-shaped doll using scissors, a sharpie, and a white cloth. “I didn’t think she would care about it but….” the TikTok user wrote.

Photo: TikTok/isabel.gracez

Not only did the grieving cat appreciate Isabel’s gesture, but she also began carrying her new doll everywhere she went. “I truly would do anything for her I didn’t expect for this to go so well,” Isabel explained as the napping cat snuggled with her doll.

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In addition to going viral, the heartwarming clip naturally garnered a slew of emotional comments. “I am literally having a breakdown, I’m be crying all day now,” one user wrote, according to Newsweek. Others agreed it was one of the sweetest things they’d seen in a while.


One user suggested that Isabel should find some orphaned kittens to help ease the mama cat’s grief. This did actually work for another grieving mama cat, Ember, who was comforted when rescuers brought her an orphaned kitten in need of a mom.

Regardless, we’re so glad that this loving cat has a doll to comfort her during this difficult time, as well as such a sweet and thoughtful owner. We’re so sorry for your loss!

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