Hundreds of Starving Dogs in Greece Search For Scraps At Dump Where Humans Abandoned Them

What was once a public animal shelter is now the public dump in Xanthi, Greece. However, when the shelter closed the remaining dogs were left behind to fend for themselves.

Photo: Angel’s Garden

They now sleep on piles of trash and dig through garbage for scraps of food to eat.

Photo: Angel’s Garden

The dogs return to the abandoned kennels in hopes that someone will arrive to rescue them, or at least care for them.

Photo: Angel’s Garden

A bad problem became worse as the dogs started to multiply and locals from neighboring villages dropped their unwanted dogs off at the dump.

It has resulted in a crisis where the dogs are starving, suffering from mange, parvo, and continually reproducing.

Photo: Angel’s Garden

Angel’s Garden, the local animal shelter, stepped up to help the innocent dogs by feeding and providing water to the homeless dogs.

They quickly realized that they would need help to feed and care for the dogs as hundreds are in need of medical attention.

Photo: Angel’s Garden

Greater Good Charities is offering a helping hand to save the lives of these innocent dogs and puppies. Will you help us feed and care for them?

Photo: Angel’s Garden

Gaia and many like her are walking skeletons with their ribs showing and missing fur due to mange. Puppies like Athena, Ares, and Helios are struggling to survive and need food and care.

Sadly, several are perishing due to parvo and sickness. If these dogs are going to survive, they need food, medical care, and sterilization to control their increasing population. They need our help now!

Photos: Angel’s Garden

Watch the video to see just how dire the situation is…

Greater Good Charities is actively responding to this crisis. With the help of your donations, we’re working with Angel’s Garden to provide care and treatment to these dogs. Donate below to save these dogs.

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