Great Dane Accidentally Scares His Neighbor’s Puppies

Great Danes are quite impressive dogs. They are essentially gentle giants of the dog world. My mom grew up with a Great Dane in her family. She has fond memories of being five and pretending that Aegis was a pony.

Granted, Aegis was such a good girl she would let my mom and uncle climb all over her and never got upset. Then, she’d allow them to sit on her back while she carried them around for hours. According to my mom, she was a friendly and caring dog who loved to make friends with the world.

But there is one thing that can sometimes work against Great Danes – and that is their size.

Photo: Pixabay/trwirth

As I said, they’re gentle giants – emphasis on the giant part. Sometimes, their sheer size can be intimidating to other dogs and even humans. And one sweet boy named Bruder accident scared his neighbor’s puppies.

It all started when the neighbor’s puppies snuck over to Bruder’s yard. He was just chilling there when he noticed the little scamps trying to get a peek at the Great Dane and his person.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

As Bruder’s human recalled, “I was sitting outside with my Great Dane and noticed the neighbor’s puppies trying to sneak over.”

However, the little pups had no idea just how big Bruder really was. And as anyone can imagine, when he stood up, the puppies were in for a surprise. Bruder was all excited for some new friends until he terrified them by accident with his large size.


Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

His mom further explained, “They were a little intimidated by his size when he stood up. My Great Dane (Bruder) was confused why they decided they didn’t want to play with him.”

Hopefully things improve for Bruder and he gets a chance to properly meet his neighbors.

Watch the adorable video below:

What do you think of this Great Dane? Has this ever happened to your dog before? Let us know!

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