Great Dane Plays Peek-A-Boo With Owner

When I was younger, I grew up with a wonderful family dog. She was the sweetest, most compassionate little black cockapoo anyone could ever have asked for.

As a young kid that was the only child, she was definitely my best friend – especially during those long summer months when I didn’t have anyone readily available to play with.

She was my buddy, and we’d often play tag with each other. Apparently, I wasn’t the only person to have a dog who enjoys playing games.

Photo: Max Pixel

In fact, many dog owners get to experience the joy of having a pet who likes to play different games with their owners.

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There is one very adorable Great Dane who seems to enjoy a rousing game of peek-a-boo with their human. The dog, Harley, is an 11-month-old Great Dane.

Photo: Max Pixel

According to Harley’s owner, Tasha Rogers, the playful pup has always enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with her.

The game began when she was just a teeny tiny pup and has evolved since. In fact, as Harley continues to grow, her choice of hiding spots has become more and more clever.

Photo: YouTube/Tasha Watson

Tasha managed to capture an adorable video of the game, showing how Harley was found hiding behind a tree. It is quite cute to watch, as the large pooch seems completely convinced that she won’t be seen peeking out from behind the tree.

Eventually, Tasha gets the better of Harley and her hiding spot is discovered. Judging by Harley’s determination to stay hidden, it’s clear that she believes herself to be the peek-a-boo master.

Check out the adorable footage below:

What do you think of the clip of Harley playing peek-a-boo? Does your dog ever play similar games with you? Let us know!

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