Great Dane Uses Trampoline As A Giant Dog Bed

Have you ever been up close and personal with a Great Dane?

As the “Apollo of dogs,” they are understandably huge.

Their shoulders may be up to 34 inches tall and they can weigh up to 200 pounds. It’s a massive dog but they come with a massive heart as well.

Photo: Raw Pixel

When a family has a great Dane, they have to learn to love their large size. That is what a family in Ontario, Canada who lives near Niagara Falls discovered.

Moose is a great Dane that is part of their family and has been so for the past 10 months. They get along perfectly together, but Moose has some quirks that need to be worked out.

One of those is the family trampoline, which he just seems to enjoy.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

After crawling up on the trampoline, he decided that there was nothing better than to stretch out and enjoy a nap. It seemed like the perfect idea, but his human mother didn’t tend to agree.

In the video, you can hear her calling out to him by name and making some kissing noises in order to snag his attention. As it turns out, however, Moose wasn’t in the mood to be disturbed and he was simply enjoying his time, stretched out and relaxed as could be.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

After mom tried a couple of times with the kissing noise, she decided to up the game and try a whistle. It seems as if that is exactly what Moose wanted to hear, and it wasn’t long before he was flopped over on his belly and looking at her with the strangest look.

When we first saw Moose on the trampoline, we couldn’t believe how relaxed he looked. In the position that he was now in, however, it is obvious that he was in a far different place in his mind. Even his human mother noticed it and asked him what he was doing.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

In the end, Moose was napping and it seems as if this is exactly what people needed to see. Millions have already watched it and you are about to be the next. It is one of the best things you will see all day.

Check out the clip below:

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