Meet Grateful Shelter Pets Catching A Ride On This Month’s Flight To Freedom

On November 20, 35 dogs and 20 cats will leave overcrowded shelters in Louisiana and Alabama and head to New Jersey to find loving homes on our Grateful Paws Rescue Flight.

Every month, GreaterGood sponsors a Good Flight with our non-profit partner Greater Good Charities, called Flight to Freedom, that gives at-risk shelter dogs and cats the second chance they deserve. The animals arrive at a shelter or rescue with open kennels and adopters waiting to meet them.

These life-saving flights are possible thanks to your continued support, so thank you! Meet some of the lucky passengers on this month’s flight below.


Photo: St. Martin Parish Animal Shelter

A beagle mix was found wandering along a rural street in Louisiana. He was brought to St. Martin Parish Animal Shelter who told us, “Thankfully he was brought into the shelter, where he could be safe, warm, and fed! Now he gets the best opportunity to fly to New Jersey and finally find a home of his own. This sweet playful boy will be on the next flight out and is looking forward to showing off his adorable personality!”


Photo: JPAWS

The orange tabby kitten has been at Jefferson Protection & Animal Welfare Services since the end of June. The shelter shared, “he was supposed to go on a transport in August and September but unfortunately for him he had gotten URI in August and then in September he was in a condo with other cats who tested positive for Ringworm. This sweet boy has been waiting patiently for his transport, and he as well as our staff are so excited that he is finally getting to catch his flight out, and find his forever home!”


Photo: JPAWS

A sweet 8-month-old shepherd mix was found running on the streets and brought to Jefferson Protection & Animal Welfare Services. She has so much love to give and just wants to find someone who will love her in return.

The rescue shared her sad story with us. “Hera had a microchip, but when we reached out the owner’s girlfriend said the owner was in jail and nobody wanted to continue to care for sweet Hera. Hera has been with us since September 19th and we have loved getting to know this sweet girl and her personality. We are so excited she gets to catch the next flight and move on to bigger and better things, and hopefully a family that will love her as much as we do!”

Lil’ Drizz

Photo: JPAWS

This black and white kitten shares a kennel with Lucien and has a similar story. According to the shelter, “Lil’ Drizz has been with us since July 31st, he was dropped off to us as a stray, we were told that he was shopping at the local Walmart. Lil’ Drizz had an adopter who decided he no longer wanted Lil’ Drizz due to being exposed to ringworm in August. He too was in the same condo as Lucien. So now him and Lucien are back together as best buds in a cat Condo and are so excited to be leaving on the same flight!”


Photo: Cara’s House

Breadstick is not a name you hear very often for a cat, but there is a story behind it. He was also a stray cat that is now looking for a loving home. Cara’s House, an animal shelter in Louisiana, shared how the sweet feline got his name.

“Breadstick was found roaming a neighborhood near a busy shopping center and highway. After asking around, it was clear he didn’t belong to anyone, and the neighbors did not want him around. It took some time to gain his trust enough to catch him so he could be properly cared for…and it was a breadstick that finally got him close enough to pick up. After years of roaming the streets, scrapping with other tomcats, wooing the ladies, and eating out of trash cans, he
now knows the kindness of humans. He’s learned to be happy in the comfort of a home, the gentleness that comes with petting, and even gets along with the other feline members of his foster house. His quiet nature and shy soul is like a little shadow that waits patiently for you to give him pets, soft words of affirmation, and Love.”


Photo: Cara’s House

After being abandoned by his family, the friendly dog found another place to meet kind people. He will now get a second chance to find people who will love him forever in New Jersey.

“Lionel was first spotted at a primary school and was super excited to see all of the staff and students. He kept returning each day when the students were out at recess. The staff finally decided Lionel was most likely dumped and called animal control to pick him up. Despite being abandoned, he is super friendly and outgoing and just wants all of the attention,” states Cara’s House.

Each of these pets and dozens more will get to find a family of their own. Without this flight, many of these pets would be at risk of euthanasia due to lack of space and adopters. They will instead get a second chance at a happily ever after.

Help us fly them to freedom by donating towards the cost of fuel and expenses. Just $5 will fly a shelter pets 125 miles towards safety.

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