Watch This Grateful Cow Literally Jump For Joy When Released From Tiny Stable

Animals bred for the food industry are often kept in appalling conditions in filthy, overcrowded shelters. German animal rights group Gut Aiderbichl is working to rescue such animals from their distressing captivity. In this video, they rescue a cow from a small and narrow stable where several animals are crammed into narrow spaces.

The group was able to rescue only one cow, which was then transported to a much larger shelter where it had ample space to run around and play in the hay.

Source: YouTube/ViralMediaCrew
Source: YouTube/ViralMediaCrew

All animals deserve compassionate care, but is estimated that tens of millions of cats live on the streets of the United States. Sadly, many communities attempt to control their numbers through lethal methods such as catch and kill. Such methods are not only horribly cruel, they are also ineffective and costly. There is a better way.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the humane alternative to euthanasia for managing and reducing homeless cat populations through sterilization. TNR begins with the trapping of cats using humane cage traps. The cats are then taken (in the trap) to be sterilized and vaccinated against rabies, distemper, and other diseases. Finally, the cats are “ear tipped” so they can be easily identified as sterilized. Following surgery, the cat is returned to the trap and allowed to recover, then released to the site of capture to live out its natural life while being cared for by community volunteers.

The Animal Rescue Site is offering a chance to help these animals. Click this link to learn how you can help stray cats everywhere!

In the meantime, watch the fantastic farm fun below!

Watching the animal celebrate its new-found freedom and show gratitude to its rescuers makes for a heartwarming scene. Find more videos and stories of great animal rescues right here!

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