His Wife And Dog Both Died 4 Months Apart. But His Family Knew Just The Surprise To Cheer Him Up

After 63 years of marriage, this man lost his wife to a short, but intense disease. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also lost his dog within four months of losing his wife. Life became lonely and depressing for him, and he was in desperate need of something that would cheer him up.

His grandson, Davy Vanhaesendonck, knew just the thing to give him energy and the courage to continue his life. The family decided to surprise him with a puppy! The grandpa had no idea it was coming, so they sat him down and brought the puppy out. As soon as grandpa saw the puppy, his eyes lit up and he began to cry. He was overcome with emotion, and this was probably the happiest moment for him in a long time.

The grandpa decided to name the puppy Snoopy, and they are doing great together. His grandson even says his grandpa has gotten his smile back!

Life can be really hard sometimes, but what better way to cheer up than being in the presence of adorable animals?! This puppy will grow up and be the grandpa’s best friend. He’ll never have to worry about feeling lonely ever again! Watch his reaction to the puppy surprise in the video below:

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