Gracie No Longer Has To Miss Out On All The Family Fun!

Having a disability can be a real challenge. It doesn’t make you less of who you are but it can make participating in certain activities harder or nearly impossible.

This family was saddened that their beloved Standard Poodle, Gracie, couldn’t be involved in everything that they did together, all because it was harder for her to get around. It saddened Gracie too, to have to watch her family from the sidelines.

But thanks to a wonderful company called Walkin’ Pets by, Gracie is no longer on the outside looking in. She’s active again, joining in on all the family fun!


Her human couldn’t be happier! Seeing your dog go through anything challenging is heartbreaking. But seeing them bounce back, now that’s the heartwarming gift we can only pray for!


It seems Gracie’s human isn’t the only one happy to have Gracie back in action! Her sibling is super excited too!


Let’s give a round of applause to the happy pack! YAY! And a much happier Gracie!

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