German Shepherd Will Only Eat Kibble If Mom Pretends to Cook It First

Many pets are picky about what types of pet food they’re willing to eat, but most of them won’t let you pull the wool over their eyes; they know when you’re trying to trick them into eating the same food they’ve just refused.

This particular German Shepherd is a bit different though. Not only will she allow you to trick her into eating her kibble exactly as it always was, but she almost demands that someone try to trick her before she’s willing to eat.

Photo: TikTok/terribletara

At the beginning of the video, Abby the German Shepherd stands by her bowl, whining because what’s in the bowl isn’t something she’s keen on eating. Her mom has told her several times to just eat the food, knowing that this is exactly the same kibble the dog has been eating for years, but Abby refuses. She squirms and paces, demanding that her mom fix the problem.

Photo: TikTok/terribletara

So to quell the tantrum, Abby’s mom picks up the food bowl and begins a process of faux meal preparation to appease her. She pretends to pour some sauce on top of it, then “chops” some invisible food on a cutting board, adds it to the bowl, and swirls it around. The whole time, you can see Abby in the background looking on to ensure her meal is prepared correctly.

Photo: TikTok/terribletara

“Wow, look at this meal,” Abby’s mom says sarcastically as she replaces Abby’s bowl in its customary spot. The dog immediately begins to scarf down the food as if it were delicious table scraps.

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We’ve got to wonder whether this dog’s senses of taste and smell are distorted, because she sure seems to trust the sight and sound of her mom “cooking” over the way the food smells and tastes. What a crazy way for a dog to live!

Photo: TikTok/terribletara

What would you do if your dog demanded you prepare her kibble this way? Do you think Abby is a spoiled brat? Whatever you make of it, you’ve got to agree that it’s funny, at least when it’s happening to someone else.

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