Pet Goose Gets Snatched By A Fox But Somehow Finds His Way Back Home

When you have a pet in your family, they become a very special part of your life. It’s true of any dog or cat, and apparently, it’s also true of a very special goose. Recently, the love of the pack was tested when he was taken by a fox.

The family was quite upset when “Steve the goose” disappeared from their farm. They were wondering how he could’ve gotten loose because he was in an enclosure. A neighbor, however, saw a fox running off with a goose in its mouth, so the family feared the worst. They found a hole by the side of the pen and that confirmed their fear even further.

Carla Shymko, Steve’s human mom, told CBS radio that the ordeal started when he vanished from Shymko’s acreage in Moose Jaw, Canada. Considering the fact that he loved to stick close to his family, it was a very unusual occurrence.

“He’s literally just like a dog. He used to fight my Rottweiler for attention,” she said of Steve to the radio station. He had been rescued from a bird sanctuary with his friend Lulu. Unfortunately, Lulu died a while ago.

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Steve now loves to follow Shymko when she is outside working in the garden and he is right by her side while she is reading or enjoying some downtime. When Steve went missing, Shymko decided to see if Facebook could assist. She was thankful that her neighbor saw what he did, and they knew that it would be a miracle if Steve were able to escape that situation.

Two days later, Steve showed up again. He was dirty, exhausted, and had some blood on his leg, but was none the worse for the wear.

“He was so excited to see me. He started coming over, and he fell over,” she said.

Nobody can say for sure how a goose was able to outsmart a fox, but the family really doesn’t care about the details. They are just happy that he is home again.

You can hear her on the radio talking to CBS The Morning Edition with the rest of the story.

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