Good Samaritan Helps Family Of Geese Safely Cross The Road, But Then Ran Into Another Issue Alltogether

A good Samaritan wanted to help a family of geese cross a busy road. The tiny goslings are just too sweet not to help! Watch as the woman literally stops traffic and directs these feathered friends to safe passage. That is, until the woman notices how steep the curb is! How will the goslings get up there? They’re so teeny! What happens next is definitely unexpected.

Watching this video is really a good lesson for animal lovers. We want to help animals stay safe but when is it unsafe for us? When is helping really hurting? The best thing is to be there to observe. Make sure the animals like these geese are safe but not to interfere too much. There is definitely a line that we, as humans, should never cross unless an animal is in crisis. Being a good Samaritan is one thing but don’t interfere too much. It’s not helpful at all, especially if you get hurt.

Making sure to keep both yourself and the animals you are trying to rescue safe, is the most critical part of helping out creatures who are in need of a little extra help.

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