Woman Befriends Abused Dog Dumped Along With Her Puppies In Rural Area And Helps Rescue Them

Read how your donation to Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program is saving lives.

Countless dogs are dumped in rural areas to fend for themselves by heartless owners. Thankfully, there are kindhearted people who come across the abandoned dogs and lend a helping hand.

Sofia and her five puppies were dumped in a rural area in Oklahoma where a local woman named Jennifer spotted them. She tried to approach Sofia, but she ran off. The dogs clearly didn’t trust humans.

Photo: Fur Ever Friends Rescue

Jennifer continued to try and help the dogs even though they continued to run away every time she came close. She began to leave treats and food hoping that the dogs would warm up to her. However, the dogs were mistreated by their previous owner and still afraid.

Jennifer refused to give up and started to reach out to local rescues for help. Fur Ever Friends Rescue and Doggie Daycare offered to help and brought a kennel so Sophia and her puppies had a safe place to rest.

Photo: Fur Ever Friends Rescue

The puppies were captured first and arrived at the shelter covered in ticks. They were taken in by a foster family while Jennifer and Diane with Fur Ever Friends Rescue worked tirelessly to capture Sophia.

They finally managed to catch her eight days later and reunite her with her puppies. The rescue told us, “She is super sweet, but you can tell she was abused and very cautious around people.”

Photo: Fur Ever Friends Rescue

Sophia and her puppies are getting the care they need and devouring nutritious food, that your donations helped provide. Once her puppies are old enough, they will find loving homes. As for Sophia, Jennifer continues to visit her daily at the rescue and is slowly gaining her trust.

Through daily walks and reassuring pats, Sophia is realizing that not all humans are bad. She arrived malnourished and skittish. Her caretakers said, “You can tell that Sofia was abused and neglected because she is a skin and bones. It is amazing that she had five healthy puppies. For all the hard times Sofia has been through, she is really a sweet dog and she deserves to be spoiled and loved.”

Photo: Fur Ever Friends Rescue

Sophia has already found her person – Jennifer. She will go home with her once her puppies are weaned and find loving homes.

These dogs are the lucky ones who were found and rescued. Sadly, there are hundreds more that are dumped in the wilderness when they are no longer wanted. The rescue said that the donations and support from Greater Good Charities GOODS program and your donations allows them to save more dogs dumped like Sophia.

Jennifer, Diane, and all the other animal rescuers are our heroes. Join us in continuing to help them by donating much-needed food and pet supplies here.

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