Blind Cat Scrounging For Scraps Behind Restaurant Is Finally Safe

Your donations are changing the lives of animals like George. Read his story below and see why he is the definition of resilient.

Stray cats live a tough life as they struggle to find enough food and proper shelter – but imagine having to do it without your eyesight.

Photo: Forever Friends Humane Society

Meet George.

The Siamese cat was born without eyes and found begging for scraps behind an Italian restaurant in Oklahoma. He was surviving on his own in a nearby briar bush. Kind staff members ensured that he was fed, but they knew he deserved a better life.

They contacted Forever Friends Humane Society to rescue George. Rescuers arrived to witness the sweet feline playing and chasing butterflies. “His sense of his surroundings was awesome, but he could not live out there forever,” they said.

Photo: Forever Friends Humane Society

George was brought to a local clinic to be examined and neutered. The vet discovered that most of George’s teeth were rotten and needed to be removed. He also developed severe stomatitis and was unable to eat and in a lot of pain. He was started on antibiotics and pain meds until surgery could be performed.

Several weeks later, he underwent surgery and after sleeping for a full day is living his best life.

Thanks to your donations to Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program, the shelter was able to cover George’s medical bills and feed him nutritious soft food as he recovers.

Photo: Forever Friends Humane Society

The special needs kitty is a permanent resident at the shelter as he knows his way around and is a staff favorite. “Life had forever changed for this fella and now he eats and enjoys it! He seeks out his people, he cuddles and he purrs…. all things he didn’t do before. George is now on the “better life” journey,” shared his caretakers.

Photo: Forever Friends Humane Society

George is just one of countless animals helped by your donations. The shelter told us, “The Goods program is a blessing to our organization in so many ways, but the most important is helping us put our funds toward helping cats like George instead of the constant worry about purchasing food and litter on a regular basis. The most recent donation received from the Goods program, included Fancy Feast wet food and that is the very food that George has decided to eat and love! Its his happy place now, the food bowl! Well and the bed and the floor and wherever he chooses to be….he is a happy boy and if he could, he would give you each a lick of, his forever hanging out, cute tongue!”

Photo: Forever Friends Humane Society

Thank you for your support!

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