Emaciated Beagle Found Rummaging Through Trash Will Never Go Hungry Again

A beagle named Popcorn finally has a full belly after going hungry for so long, and she has you to thank.

The emaciated pup was found rummaging through trash for scraps when Animal Protection Society of Caswell County rescued her. She weighed just 12 pounds and was covered in fleas and ticks.

Her caretakers told us that when Popcorn arrived she was scared of everything. Her life up until this point had been tough and she needed to learn to trust again.

Photo:Animal Protection Society of Caswell County

Your donations provided nutritious food and other essential supplies like medicated shampoo. Popcorn devours her food and is slowly starting to gain weight. She also received a warm bath for possibly the first time in her life with the medicated shampoo.

Photo:Animal Protection Society of Caswell County

Due to the amount of ticks she had on her when she arrived, the staff was not surprised when she tested positive for Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness. She has begun treatment and is doing well.

The sweet pup has come out of her shell, thanks to daily interaction with staff and volunteers. Her life continues to improve, and the best thing happened during a recent Empty the Shelters event – she found her forever home.

Photo:Animal Protection Society of Caswell County

Popcorn loves her family and enjoys playing with her canine sibling. She continues to gain weight and is thrilled to have a home of her own.

Popcorn is just one of countless animals that you have helped by donating to Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program. Animal shelters do their best to care for all the homeless pets. They need our help now more than ever as more pets arrive each day at shelters that are already full.

Thank you for continuing to help us help pets in need.

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